OutReach Ministries

 At Flat Rock, outreach is about saving lives…eternally!
Therefore, Outreach ministries are about eternally saving lives. Outreach is the mode of transport, bringing people to life-saving evangelism through Jesus Christ.

Missionary Society

Missionary Society is a community outreach organization. We work with community groups that provide service and support to those who need help and assistance. We also support missionaries in our community.

Prayer Ministry

Designed to Increase the prayer net for those who seek prayer for themselves or to solicit pray for others. Consists of Personal, intercessory Prayer, and Global Prayer.
Please join us each Saturday at 8:00 a.m.
Dialing: (712) 775-7031, and enter Passcode: 469414

Prison Ministry 

Our ministry provides a weekly Bible Study Program that includes a Life Skills Educational Component. It promotes positive and healthy lifestyles for the women and men we serve to help with transitioning after they are released from incarceration.