group Ministries

Couple's Ministry

Developed to meet the needs of couples through workshops, open discussions and fellowship. Designed to strengthen the marriages and find a common bond in setting examples of what successful marriages are all about.

Life Enrichment

The Life Enrichment group at Flat Rock is available to all members, but catered to those who are retired. This group gathers once a week for dance exercise and community service projects.

Men's Ministry

A  faithful group of men who get together once a month to have Bible Study, discussions, support and fellowship. They discuss issues that are relevant to family life, plan their mentoring workshops, organize projects, as well as staying involved in our community.

Radical Praise

Radical Praise is a group of young adults bridging the gap between traditional worship and millennial worship. Our main purpose is to spread the word of God through Faith, Fellowship, Freedom, and Focus.

Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry ministers to each other as women. As an “in-reach” organization, activities are planned to support one another. These activities include workshops for personal development, fun activities for fellowship, as well as spiritual strength and support.

Young People's Department  (Y.P.D.)

Flat Rock’s Y.P.D. is geared toward teaching & molding our youth to learn the word of God and to serve with their gifts. Members range from 2-to 18 years in age, and have various roles within the church. They participate in dance, choir, ushering, and also host our church services on every 4th Sunday.