Support Ministries

Lay Organization

The purpose of this organization is to organize and train the laity of the AME Church so that lay persons may maximize their God given abilities and skills to improve and extend the kingdom to create happiness, peace and harmony among members.

All members are considered lay people, and all members will be taught the History of the AME Church and learn the doctrine to be able to better serve the church and the community.

Health and Wellness Ministry

The purpose of the Health and Wellness Ministry is led by the vision and core values of Flat Rock AME Church through health education, prevention and awareness. As  family members come together around the Word of God, the Health & Wellness Ministry will help equip members with Christ-centered education to ensure they understand that health is as an integral part of serving God. As the church family is united in the ministry of the body as well as the spirit, we are then prepared to dramatically improve the health outlook, attitudes and well-being of our congregation and the communities we serve.

Visual and Audio Ministry 

Our ministry team are full time volunteers along with other young volunteers who love and are eager to serve God. The team members are technically trained and dedicated to ensuring that every service is provided with excellent sound and recording. Our goal is to lead others into worship by creating a distraction-free environment by integrating the technologies of audio, video and graphic presentations.

Usher Board

Trustee Board

Steward Board

Ushers combine a warm welcome with a pleasant smile as they direct and seat worshipers.

Ushers participate as committee members and/or officers of our district in order to grow spiritually and remain proficient. Our ministry supports fellowship with other sisters and brothers in Christ, and provides an opportunity for all to serve God in His House.
Many dictionaries define a trustee to be a person who legally holds and administers property for the benefit of others or manages the temporal affairs of a church or public institution. In the AME Church, those elected to the office of trustee are not only holders of an office of trust but are also temporal caretakers for and of the Kingdom of God.

Trustees in the African Methodist Episcopal church have the responsibility of all church property. This includes management, maintenance, development, and use of property under the direction of the church’s Official Board for the support of the programs approved by the congregation. The Trustees are caretakers of the property that has been entrusted to their care. 
The Steward Board of Flat Rock  AME Church attends to the Spiritual Health and Financial Health of the church. They assist The Pastor and ministerial staff in carrying out the church program that fosters and increase spiritual maturity in the body. As we carry out the great mission of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, The Steward Board is providing prayer, encouragement to the members of the church and serving as role models of excellence in being about our Father's business.