Welcome to the TNT (Tune 'N Tuesday) Podcast hosted by Radical Praise where we believe in sharing the word of God through Faith, Fellowship, Freedom, and Focus.

Join us as we read Best Selling Author, Pastor Mike Todd's newest book, "Crazy Faith!"

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Episode 1 | Relatively Crazy

This week we dive into the idea of crazy is only relative and it's really only crazy until it's been done. We are joined by our Pastor, Rev. Edward Johnson, Jr.  who shares his experience in being the first black mayor Fayetteville, GA.

Episode 2 | Mustard Seeds and Big Dreams

This week we cover how if you have the faith of a mustard seed you can achieve things bigger than you even imagined. We are joined by author and publisher, Oyin J. Mitchell who shares her steps in faith being a coach and mentor for parents of children with invisible disabilities.

Episode 3| It's a Sure Thang

This week we cover how you have to listen to God and know that it's his plans not yours and when you trust Him your maybe's turn into God's blessings. We are joined by Kenisha Washington, our guest host and Deliah Burton who shares her story about listening to God and leaving her situation trusting Him to have His way!

Episode 4| The Waiting Room

This week we cover how you must not grow hasty while waiting for your blessings. We are joined by Joy Johnson and Deliah Burton.